• Hydrogel Burn Wound Dressing
  • Hydrogel Burn Wound Dressing

Hydrogel Burn Wound Dressing

Product features: It is composed of nano-scale medical activated carbon fiber and polymer polyurethane hydrogel, which maintains wet wound healing, promotes the proliferation of granulation tissue, effectively promotes wound healing, and resist the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms. Application: ● I & shallow II degree burns or scalds ● Wounds of trauma ● The surgical incision was not a chronic wound
  • Hydrogel Burn Wound Dressing
Silicone gel scar dressing
• Product application: Prevent or fade scars
• Product features:
  1. It can effectively reduce and repair postoperative scars
  2. Early scar inhibition prevention, later scar repair fade, immediately after wound healing repair effect is the best
  3. Use special composite substrate, breathable, comfortable and waterproof